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23 Mentorship - 20 Sessions

stop dreaming. start trading

20 Sessions with a Trading Mentor


Live Trading Room

  • 20 individual 1 on 1 sessions
  • Undivided personal attention
  • Meets your trading needs
  • Aims to reach your trading goals
  • Upgrades your knowledge


The Mentorship Program is designed for beginners and experienced traders alike; these are taught how to build solid trading strategies that prove successful in the financial market

Trading needs and goals

  • 20 individual 1 on 1 sessions
  • Personalized sessions that meet your needs
  • Learn difficult techniques for trading on the financial market
  • Ask your questions and get personal advice as well as experienced opinions

Customized solutions

  • Based on your needs, we will match you with the right Mentor
  • Students get reviews and feedback to improve their trading technique
  • Mentorship provides you with customized solutions for every trading profile

    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed