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Live Trading Room

11 LTR - 1 Month

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Live Trading Room – Monthly Subscription


Live Trading Room

  • 1 month access
  • Watch real-time trading
  • Trade together with professionals
  • Chat and ask any trading-related question
  • Watch on mobile, tablet or desktop


The Live Trading Room is a Social Trading Network, a place where students can watch Mentors trade in real-time and see the logic behind their trades.

Learn from Mentors

  • 1 month access
  • Live webinar where our students can learn from professionals
  • Students can watch how our Мentors trade in real time

Communicate with Mentors and other students

  • Live Chat available For the questions that will come up during the sessions
  • Students can ask, receive answers and share information with other students

Knowledge implementation

  • Mentors explain the logic behind their actions
  • Mentors explain what kind of information and strategies they use
  • Trades are posted in the chat with open prices, levels of Stop Loss and Take Profit
  • If our students wish to, they can copy trades

    Completion rules
    • All units must be completed