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At TRADEMY we believe in the importance of education and knowledge acquisition and their role in achieving the goals that the investor aspires in his working life. If our priority that we seek to apply is to attract the largest possible number of traders who wish to achieve these goals, then our first goal in this is to collect all the necessary information about the financial world and the trading industry and communicate it in an attractive and convincing way to our dear traders. Because this will expand the circle of their interests and desires to learn and master the right trading and benefit from it after that.

Because we know that every successful and professional investor was in its infancy a beginner trader, our expert expert team places their full focus on finding simple and easy to understand methods in the various educational tools that we provide. We are also keen to follow the golden rule in our educational academy, which is that the correct learning is not with the huge amount of information that we provide, but rather providing tools that help the trader learn and remember them.

The teaching tools in our academy are aimed at all traders, whether beginners or experienced, who want to learn the best use of trading strategies, for example, and other similar tools and techniques.

By joining us, you will get a complete and unique educational and training experience, through which we focus on the principles of sound trading, technical analysis, the art of risk management and deal execution skills according to strategies, plans studied and many more.

With our educational academy, you will become part of the huge financial markets community in which we all strive to achieve the goals we aspire to reach.

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“Trademy (Herein: “The Company”), owned and operated by MAGNA TECHNOLOGIES LTD, registered and regulated in Roseau Valley, Commonwealth of Dominica, trains private traders to trade independently in financial assets, with the aim of creating monthly income as an independent endeavor, or in tandem with other livelihood sources. The Company also serves the goal of advancing, deepening, and widening the professional knowledge of traders and capital market players.”