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<h4 class='tl-course-name'>00 Introduction to Trading</h4>

00 Introduction to Trading


Free trading course. Come and see how easy it is.

Introduction to Trading

  • Designed for beginners
  • Easy to use learning platform
  • Fun, clear and simple language videos
  • Available 24/7 on ANY device
Register to our free trading course. Develop fundamental knowledge, learn about currencies, commodity and major indices markets. 100% free. Topics included: Why trade Forex, When to trade Forex, Trading terminology or where am I going long, How to trade with leverage, What is a 'Pip', How to place a trade in Forex
<h4 class='tl-course-name'>01 Intro Trader Course</h4>

01 Intro Trader Course

Advanced Training

All you need to start trading. From a Self-Study course to a Live Trading Room

Intro Trader Course

  • Unique Trademy¬© Learning Platform
  • Must-know basics for Forex and Stocks
  • High Quality Lessons & Quizzes
  • 1-month mentorship
  • Live trading room
The course is comprised of academic and practical elements, starting with an introduction to financial markets and an outline of the basics of trading. Topics Included: Why trade Forex, When to trade Forex, Trading terminology or where am I going long, How to trade with leverage, What is a 'Pip', How to place a trade in Forex, Types of Forex orders, Technical analysis in Forex, Fundamental analysis in Forex, Types of Forex charts, Support and Resistance in Forex, Trendlines, Getting started with MT4: Market watch basics, Chart windows basics, Terminal window basics, Navigator window basics, Placing orders, Account history/Closed trades, Market watch detailed, All about charts, Chart window properties, Indicators and Scripts
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<h4 class='tl-course-name'>02 Professional Trader Course</h4>

02 Professional Trader Course

Advanced Training

Elevate your skills to become a Full-Fledged Trader

Professional Trader Course

  • Intro Trader Course INCLUDED
  • 3-months mentorship
  • + Trading Psychology
  • + Practical Technical Analysis
  • + Risk & Position Management
Become a Professional Trader - Interact with market colleagues using correct language and jargon. Topics included: Candlesticks, Doji candlesticks, Marubazu candlesticks, Hammer and Hanging man candlesticks, Shooting star and inverted Hammer candlestick, Bullish piercing pattern, Dark cloud cover pattern, Bullish and Bearish engulfing pattern, Tweezer Tops and Bottoms, Morning and Evening star patterns, 3 White soldiers 3 Black crows, 3 Inside up 3 Inside down pattern, Rising and falling three methods, Learn Forex Head and Shoulders pattern, Forex inverse Head and Shoulders pattern, Forex Bull flag formation patterns, Forex Bear flag patterns, Forex bullish and bearish pennant formation, Forex falling wedge pattern, Forex Ascending and Descending triangle formation, Forex Symmetrical triangle pattern, Forex box range, Forex Cup and Handle formation pattern, Forex inverse Cup and Handle pattern, Forex Rising Wedge pattern, Practical technical Analysis Trading Psychology
<h4 class='tl-course-name'>03 Expert Trader Course</h4>

03 Expert Trader Course

Advanced Training

Learn to apply technical indicators and trading strategies to real-time financial markets, and become an expert trader

Expert Trader Course

  • Professional Trader Course INCLUDED
  • 9-months mentorship
  • + Forex Course
  • + Fundamental analysis
  • + Practical tutoring
Learn to apply technical indicators and trading strategies to real-time financial markets, and become an expert trader. Topics included: Fibonacci, Forex Fibonacci Extensions, Learn Forex Fibonacci Fan and Arcs, Learn Forex combining Fibonacci with other Technical analysis tools, Forex indicators - Forex RSI Relative Strength Index, Forex RSI Stochastic Oscillator, Forex ATR Average True Range, Forex Moving Average, Forex Moving Average Convergence Divergence MACD, Forex Average Directional Index ADX, Forex Bollinger Bands, Forex Parabolic SAR, Forex Ichimoku Kinko Hyo, Forex Pivot Points, Timing your entries when trading Forex, Timing your exits when trading Forex, Advanced trading and technical analysis, Advanced Stock Trading, Pivot Points in Stock trading, Trade according to game theory, Practice VWAP strategies, Trade Management
<h4 class='tl-course-name'>04 Star Trader Course</h4>

04 Star Trader Course

Advanced Training

The complete package to become a professional day trader

Star Trader Course

  • Expert Trader Course INCLUDED
  • 12-months mentorship
  • + Adapt your trading styles
  • + Advanced Trading Strategies
  • + Personal Mentoring
Become a fully educated trader - combine fundamental and macroeconomic events with technical analysis to take your trading skills to the next level. Topics included: Introduction to the Stock Market, Can stock charts predict the future and trading systems, Support and Resistance levels, How to identify the market direction, Chart patterns introduction, Chart patterns Symmetrical triangles, Chart pattern Symmetrical triangles trading strategy, Chart patterns Flags and Pennants, Flag and Pennants trading strategy, Ascending triangles, Ascending triangles trading strategy, Volumes and Trends, Market Indicators, Trading Methodology, Round Numbers, Setting Up a Trade, Technical analysis for professional traders, Practical Technical Analysis, Trading Psychology, Risk & Position Management, Picking Stocks & Analyzing Economic data, Intra-Day Trading, Trading Arbitrage, Trading Preparation & Sectors, Trading Small caps, Identifying Institutional tactics and coping with them, Using hot keys, Advanced use of Time & Sale, Manage "Watch Lists", The "20:20" Method how do experts read the chart?, How to trade using failure patterns, Using NRB and WRB candles, Trading IPOs: Day trading and swing trading