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Marshall Gittler CIS
Chief investment Strategist and head of education

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The Beginner
2 courses available

This stage starts when you realise there is a way to create opportunities while staying at home. At this stage you are probably neither aware of the dangers of trading nor of where to start looking to understand trading.

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The Student
2 courses available

You study a lot and jump from one trading strategy to another. You are too excited to try out a different trading approach. But you don't pay attention to money management or risk management. You just want to trade and create new opportunities.

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The Professional
2 courses available

You finally mastered how to remain on the same position for a longer interval and don't make same mistakes that you used to before. You are asking yourself how come you did not start trading earlier in your life. But you want to manage risk and money better, in order to never receive a margin call.

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